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First Gulf Bank will never ask you to enter SMS
         token number on transactions not initiated by you.
  Always perform your online transactions from a
computer having updated Patches & Antivirus.
For more information please call 600 52 5500.
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Please do not reveal the following to any one whether the request is made by phone, e-mail or in person.

     . IPIN [Password to access Internet banking]
     . TPIN [Password to access telephone banking]
     . Debit Card / Credit Card PIN [for withdrawing cash from Debit / Credit Card]
     . Credit Card CVV number [three digit number available behind your credit card]

Remember: No one from First Gulf Bank will ever ask you for your PIN. First Gulf Bank does not seek these critical information pertaining to one channel in another channel. For example, First Gulf Bank does not ask Credit Card cash withdrawal pin/ CVV as additional authentication in the internet banking

1. *User ID could be one of the following: * Seven digit customer number of your bank account * Active Debit/Credit card number * Ten digit customer number provided to you at the time of registration

2. Use of virtual keyboard gives you added security. Virtual Keyboard allows you to protect your password from being logged by stealth keyboard logging programs that might be running on your computer. You can enter your password using only the mouse.

3. In order to protect your account, access will be disabled after three successive invalid password attempts. Please re-check the password before submitting the login request.